Customer-centric or employee-centric. What comes first?

Unlocking the potential.

I believe that to achieve customer-centricity, you have to unlock the potential of your employees first – be employee-centric. If you’ve got a team that understands your strategy, where you’re headed and feel part of something special, then you’ve got the opportunity to grow a high performing team that’ll go above and beyond not only for the customer, but for each other, and they’ll create meaningful work.

Lead by example.

Taking it back to Goodwood, the three days away was not only amazing because of the activities, the food, the drink, the views, but the time spent with team members, to celebrate everyone’s success. I’d like to think that we’re not just ‘colleagues’ but now friends.

There’s no magic wand.

Culture isn’t easy, and it’s certainly not space hoppers, ping pong tables or beer fridges that automatically open when time sheets are all complete – culture is much deeper than those gimmicks. Culture is something that constantly requires attention, so that when you’re going through the tough times you pull together, and when you’re going through the super times you celebrate.



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Chanade Hemming

Chanade Hemming

I write about Product, Teams, Data & CX 🚀